Andre Simon Memorial Funds Awards

Awards 2014

We welcome you to the André Simon Food and Drink book awards for 2014

The Chairman and trustees of the André Simon Food and Drink book awards are delighted to announce the winners for the 2014 awards.

Winner of the 2014 prize in the food category:
  • A Year at Otter Farm
    by Mark Diacono (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Winner of the 2014 prize in the drink category:
  • Jura Wine
    by Wink Lorch (Wine Travel Media)

Special Commendation
  • The Virtues of the Table
    by Julian Baggini (Granta Publications)

John Avery Award
  • Sediment
    by Paul Keers & Charles Jennings (John Blake Publishing)

The winners each receive £2000, while the Special Commendation and the John Avery award is worth £1500 and shortlisted authors each receive £200.

This year's shortlisted authors - selected from over 150 entries - also included Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Pudding by Justin Gellatly, Spoonfuls of Honey by Hattie Ellis, Honey & Co by Sarit Parker & Itamar Srulovich, The Shed: The Cookbook by Oliver Gladwin, Richard Gladwin & Gregory Gladwin, Made in India by Meera Sodha, Natural Wine by Isabelle Legeron, Sherry by Talia Baoicchi and Wine Atlas of Germany by Ulrich Sautter & Ingo Swobo.

"I am hugely grateful to the André Simon awards judges for choosing my Jura Wine book for the best drink book award, a real honour especially as André Simon himself loved to write about French wines. Great news for the little Jura wine region and for me too, with thanks to my wonderful team who helped create the book, and to the Kickstarter supporters."
Wink Lorch winner of the Drink Award 2014 - for Jura Wine

"It's the funniest wine-book I've read in a long time. Not just laugh-aloud funny but snortingly, choke-on-your-cornflakes funny - up there with Kingsley Amis and Jay McInerney."
Julian Barnes on Sediment by Paul Keers and Charles Jennings

"Julian attacks his subjects with swashbuckling bravado, skilfully dissecting the received wisdom and tossing it aside, he then rebuilds the facts into a completely new model."
Annie Bell on The Virtues of the Table by Julian Baggini

The Andre Simon Awards for 2014
Gladwin Borthers, Short listed 2014
Paul Keers and Adminstrator Katie Lander
Sarit Parker & Itamar Srulovich, Short listed 2014